Video SEO Tool

ArticleVideoRobot comes with its own video ranking tool. It will give you the exact title, description, and keywords to help you rank your videos on Google and YouTube almost instantly.

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(AVR's YouTube Video SEO tool)

Targeting the right keywords

We have ranked thousands of videos on Google and YouTube using this tool in less than 5 minutes after upload, and you can too!

But that is only possible when you are targeting the right keywords. You cannot possibly expect to rank your videos for a keyword like "bodybuilding" or "fitness", but you surely can rank your video for a keyword like "best vegetarian food for bodybuilding" almost instantly.

Doing keyword research

To find keywords with good traffic and low competition you need a good keyword research tool. One such tool is www.instakeywords.comopen in new window that can find you the exact keywords that will help you rank very quickly.

Using the Video SEO tool

Once you have found out the right target keyword, just put that in the video optimizer and that's it.

Using a special algorithm the Video SEO tool will find all the LSI keywordsopen in new window for your video and create a time-stamped video description that improves your video's ranking on YouTube and Google.

It is not uncommon to see your videos on top of Google search within 2 minutes after upload.