Wordpress plugin

Your Article Video Robot account comes with a Wordpress plugin that allows you to automatically turn your blog posts into videos.


Please contact support (via live chat) for the plugin zip file. Then upload the plugin to your WordPress site as described in the installation guide here.


wordpress plugin config
(wordpress plugin config)


You will need to enter an API key in the plugin settings.

You can find this API key inside your member area as shown in the image below:

api key
(api key)

Default media engine

By default we use royality free image search engines like Pixabay or Pexels for your videos.

But if your blog post has a lot of proprietary terms, these search engines may not perform well. In this case you can choose Google images. as shown in the image above.

Automatic conversion of blog posts to videos

When you publish a post, the plugin will automatically convert the post into a video.

It can also embed the video in your post for you too.

Important points

Your post tags

One important thing to note is that the plugin relies on your post tags to determine the content of your video.

So when publishing a new blog post, please add as many relevant tags as possible for best results.


If your plugin is not working, please read this troubleshooting guide.

Higher rankings in search engines

Studies show that blog posts with videos rank higher in search results than posts with images.

So this plugin is a great way to increase your blog's traffic.