25,000 video hits using one simple YouTube traffic tip

25,000 video hits using one simple YouTube traffic tip

Here is a little YouTube and Google tip to help you get your videos listed in Google search results very quickly. The credit for this goes to John Schwartz.

Using this tip John got 25,000 hits to his Article Video.

This tip works best with low to medium competition long tail keywords. It is a lot easier to get your videos ranked this way compared to an article or webpage for the same keyphrase because the number of competing videos is always lesser than the number of articles and blog posts for any keyphrase.

Did you know that video thumbnails generate 41% higher CTR?

As per a study done by aimClear another advantage of this tip is that search results with video thumbnails are known to generate 41% higher CTR (click thru rate) than plain text results. Another study conducted by SEOMoz.com (now Moz.com) has also found that "on Google's search page, it does appear that subjects' eye movements focused on the first video thumbnail, possibly even at the expense of the #1 organic result." - source

Heat map: The above image shows where visitors are clicking.

How to use this YouTube tip?

So basically when you do a Google search, at the bottom of the search results page, you will find a list of about 8 related keywords or alternate keywords.

The thing to notice here is that Google will highlight certain words in these related search phrases. These are not in your original search but Google does find these terms highly relevant to your original search phrase.

So all we have to do is copy-paste these highlighted words from Google into the tags field of our YouTube video and that's it! Within a couple of days you should start seeing your video in the search results page.

The whole tip explained in a video

One thing I would like to point out here though is that your video must be relevant to the keyphrase you are targeting and must already be showing up in Youtube search for that keyphrase. This tip is basically just the edge to make your video climb into the Google search results.

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Hope you find this tip useful :) Please leave a comment below. I would also love to answer any questions you have.



“great article! I've just subscribed to your blog and I have found your posts very useful and practical. Thanks!”

Robin Levesque Robin Levesque (01:57 AM)

“Google doesn't show me any related searches? Can you please elaborate a little more..”

Brian hayes Brian hayes (02:05 AM)

“i will try this for my videos”

Leslie Leslie (02:12 AM)

“good one.. will definitely give it a try!”

Brenda Williams Brenda Williams (02:18 AM)

“thanks everyone for the feedback.

@brian: it only works for long tail keywords, i.e. those with three or more words. If you are not seeing any related searches, try expanding your keyword or try some different keyword. It works most of the time for me.”

San Kumar San Kumar (02:19 AM)

“"must already be showing up in Youtube search for that keyphrase"

Does this mean we have to launch untagged video and wait until it is in Youtube search, then we put tags after that period right? - asked by knick via email”

theknick (via email) theknick (via email) (00:02 AM)

“@knick: thanks for the reply.. no that does not mean you have to launch an untagged video. your video must have tags which are relevant to your niche and keyphrase. these are just the additional tags which are needed to make it more relevant in the eyes of google.”

San Kumar San Kumar (00:05 AM)

I have recd. many questions by email. It looks that due to very high server loads, some users were unable to post comments on our blog yesterday. We have fixed this issue and if you have posted a comment but are not seeing it here, please post it again. Sorry about that.

San Kumar San Kumar (00:07 AM)

“I tried this idea, but my YT video wouldn't accept and more tags (I had about 10 originally). on the Edit Video Page? Anybody have the same issue and found a work-around?”

Lews Lews (08:32 AM)

“@Lews: My account does not have a limit for the number of tags. I just tried adding around 50 tags to my video without any problems. It could be because I have a phone verified account. So you can try that as well. Let me know if it helps otherwise I will suggest some other ideas.”

San Kumar San Kumar (00:10 AM)

“This is a great tip. Each day is a day of learning. I have today learnt something great. I have immediately applied to 3 of my articles that have actually not been receiving traffic. I want to watch and see the difference. Thank you so much for this post and for emailing it to me.”

Charles Kiyimba Charles Kiyimba (03:17 AM)
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