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  25. Learn for you change the narration artist for your video
  26. Can I change my article content once my project is created?
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  29. Why are certain items shown in grey color in my wizard?
  30. How can I add and delete images to my video?
  31. How can I edit or remove the audio for any particular text item in your video?
  32. How can I record my own voice-over using microphone?
  33. I am unable to record via microphone, what should I do?
  34. When I am recording my voice via microphone, recording volume is too low. How can I fix it?
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  36. How can I add new text items to a video frame?
  37. How can I remove a text item from a video frame?
  38. How can I rearrange text items in a video?
  39. How can I highlight a particular text item in a frame?
  40. How can I add or remove a frame in the video?
  41. How can I add my email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ID to my video?
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  53. A few simple tips for advanced users
  54. Why upgrade to a business account?
  55. AVR now support instant video previews!
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